Fall Blog Hop with Embossing Folder

Blog Hop Time 😘Anything and Everything Fall! Where did you Fall from?

I hope you are not Falling like my craft room! I am remodeling my craft space and it is a MADNESS over here! I can’t believe how many junk I have been collecting over the pass 2 DECADES! This will be the best time to do a Fall Cleaning before the holiday.  I will share more when the remodeling is done!

This month I want to focus on one thing and I pick a simple embossing folder (EF), Changing Season EF, to share with you all. 3 ways to use the Embossing Folder for 4 Falling Fall Cards (try to say it very fast, 😝)

1st Falling Way: Classic Embossing

We all know embossing folder is usually affordable, easy to use, and great way to add texture on the card. I simply emboss the card base directly and add a few magic touch to finish one quick Fall Card. I think we all get this one. The trick is precut, score, and run the cardstock through the machine. You can use masking tape to position the card to avoid shifting during embossing.

Embossing Folder, Fun Stamper Journey, FSJ, Blog Hop, Creative Team, Stamping, Cardmarking, Fall, Autumn Greeting, Die cut, StampingEmbossing Folder, Fun Stamper Journey, FSJ, Blog Hop, Creative Team, Stamping, Cardmarking, Fall, Autumn Greeting, Die cut, Stamping

List of Supply: 4 1/4″ x 4 1/4″ card base, Changing Season EF, Pumpkin Bread Cardstock (CS-0098)Hazelnut Blend cardstock, Pretty Leaves Die Set (Host Exclusives, message me for details), Corrugated Stock (3″ x 1″), Fashion Gold, Gold Friendship Sequins, Boho Trim, Oatmeal Cookies Cardstock, Hello Fall Stamp Set, Gold Silk, Bronze Silk

Another trick is to emboss a few different color cardstocks and then trim them into strips.  You can get few cards done in one go!   I rearrange the strips and pop them out with foam squares. I also apply the Copper PanPastel to add a shimmy look.

img_8227  img_8229  img_8230  img_8234   img_8235   img_8231

You can add PanPastel to the natural twine to match the background too.  I used Copper Embossing Powder to heat set “Hello Fall” sentiment on vellum.

Embossing Folder, Fun Stamper Journey, FSJ, Blog Hop, Creative Team, Stamping, Cardmarking, Fall, Autumn Greeting, Die cut, StampingEmbossing Folder, Fun Stamper Journey, FSJ, Blog Hop, Creative Team, Stamping, Cardmarking, Fall, Autumn Greeting, Die cut, Stamping

List of Supply: A2 Top Fold card base, Changing Season EF, Whip Cream Cardstock, Grape Fusion Cardstock, Raspberry Berry Cardstock, Journey Vellum, Copper PanPastel, Natural Twine, Foam Squares, Clear Pigment Ink Pad, Copper Embossing Powder, Journey Craft Glue  Hello Fall Bundle

2nd Falling Way: Water Color Embossing

I call this a mini mixed media card! I used FSJ color splash A2 cardstock, liquid color and FSJ Gold Leaf Foil.


I added tiny drops of water color directly on top of the EF, then mist it with water.  MAKE sure apply water color on the side that has “FSJ” logo so it will pick up the color better.  I use a clean paint brush to blend and even out the color. img_8249  img_8250

Carefully place the water splash cardstock inside the EF, use masking tape if needed.


I flick some sparkle silk and use heat gun to dry it.  Once dried, trim it to fit in A2 Cardbase.  I use FSJ Craft Glue and randomly adhere the FSJ Gold Leaf Foil.  Make sure your hand is clean, dry and dust free.  Leaf Foil can be pretty messy if you don’t handle them correctly.  This leaf foil can also easily fly around!  A clean brush comes in handy as you pad the leaf down to the cardstock.  Let it dry and use the clean brush to brush off the extra leaf foil.
img_8252I add a drop of Lavender liquid Color on the clear block so I can add some details directly on the embossed images. Again, randomly add on the branches will do the magic.

img_8254  img_8255

Lastly, die cut 4 “fall” from Snapshot Frames Die Cut and glue them together with craft glue.  Once dry, place clean pigment ink pad on top and heat set it with Gold Embossing Powder. Make sure don’t burn your fingers!!! Die cut a leaf from Snapshot Frames Die Cut, apply little clear pigment, sprinkle gold embossing powder, and heat set it.

you can click here for another Gold Leaf Foil Project

Embossing Folder, Fun Stamper Journey, FSJ, Blog Hop, Creative Team, Stamping, Cardmarking, Fall, Autumn Greeting, Die cut, StampingEmbossing Folder, Fun Stamper Journey, FSJ, Blog Hop, Creative Team, Stamping, Cardmarking, Fall, Autumn Greeting, Die cut, Stamping

List of Supply: A2 Top Fold card base,Changing Season EF, Whip Cream Cardstock, Grape Fusion Cardstock (3/4″ x 4″), Journey Vellum(1″ x 3 3/4″), Lavender Fusion Cardstock, Snapshot Frames Die Cut, Rainbow Drop, Silver & Gold Leaf Foils, Gold Embossing Powder, Clear Pigment Ink Pad, Journey Craft Glue  Hello Fall Bundle, Lavender Fusion Liquid Color, watermelon fusion liquid color, Color Splash Watercolor sheet

3rd Falling Way: Use it as a background Stamp

I highly recommend you to try this last, as it may require little more clean up than the first 2 methods.  Simply use the EF as a background stamp. I use Hazelnut Blend and ink the entire folder (the side without the FSJ logo). Make sure add tons of ink! Also carefully place your cardstock on top and really give even pressure to pick up all ink.

img_8238   img_8239img_8240  img_8241


I die cut a circle (2nd largest Circle from Journey Circle) and use PanPastel to create a background.  I stamp the Turkey with clear pigment ink pad and heat set with “Clear Embossing Powder”.  Let it completely cool down, then heat emboss the “give Thanks” sentiment with Copper Embossing Powder. I also use Copper PanPastel to edge around the cardbase. Then I pop the turkey circle on top of the Doily Die.

 img_8245 img_8247

Embossing Folder, Fun Stamper Journey, FSJ, Blog Hop, Creative Team, Stamping, Cardmarking, Fall, Autumn Greeting, Die cut, Stamping

Embossing Folder, Fun Stamper Journey, FSJ, Blog Hop, Creative Team, Stamping, Cardmarking, Fall, Autumn Greeting, Die cut, Stamping

List of Supply: 4.5″ x 4.5″ Hazelnut Blend cardstock, Changing Season EF, Whip Cream Cardstock, Clear Pigment Ink Pad, Journey Craft Glue Corrugated Stock (4.5″ x 1″), Fashion Gold, Gold Friendship Sequins, Boho Trim Bronze Silk, Doily Die, Journey Circle Die (2nd largest circle), Copper PanPastel, Rich Soberts PanPastels, Tom Turkey AT Stamp (AT-0296) (Free AT Stamp with $75 purchase in the month of October 2018)

Bloom Benefit, FSJ, Fun Stampers Journeyimg_6659snap shot Frames Die Set

Thanks for Falling By! Let me know which card you like the most. I have to say the one with the Gold Leaf Foil! Want more FALL ideas? Click here for more FALL CARDS!

Don’t forget to Keep Hopping and Falling to the next blog!

Jill has a great project to share with you all!

 Jill Hilliard 

Kazan Clark  Lezlye Lauterbach   Carrie Rhoades   

 Jenny Watson    Marty McGee    Alissa Hall 


Thank You and Have a Sparkly Day!

FSJ Creative Team Blog Hop – Mixed Media with DIY Hoop

Welcome to MY VERY VERY FIRST Blog Hop! Yup, my first blog hop as a member of the FSJ Creative Team! Woo hoo!   The Team were told to share a project that would represent our own unique style.  Did you hop over from the amazing talented lady “Carrie Rhoades ? or maybe from FSJ Blog ? Anyhow, I am sure these blogs will keep your weekend very crafty-busy!  

It took me sometime to brain storm a project to share.  I know I love scrapbooking with lot of embellishments and I love to add on some fun elements to my layout.  I decided to pick one of the new product from the 2018-2019 FSJ Inspiration Book and Catalog, “The DIY HOOP“.  A pack of DIY Hoop comes with 6, for less than $6!! NO WAY! Best Deal Ever!

Here is the project I would love to share!

Mixed Media, fsj, Fun Stampers Journey, FSJ all day, Dance life stamp set, DIY Hoop

I have broken this project into 2 levels, “Intro” and “Intermediate”, base on your comfort level plus the supplies you have at home.

Mixed Media Project Supply

Intro Level 1 – One Single DIY Hoop

FSJ Mixed Media DIY Hoop



FSJ Mix Media with DIY Hoop

  1. Use the largest DIY hoop and trace it on the canvas, fussy cut it out. Make sure trace the outside circle of the hoop, not the inside so you have room to adhere the canvas to the hoop.
  2. Grab some FSJ  Modeling Paste and mix it with the Rose Gold PanPastel powder. Add powder in a small portion, mix well and add little by little for darker color.
  3. Use FSJ Spatula and spread the mixed modeling paste over Flower Power Stencils.
  4. Immediately clean your stencils with baby wipe or wet towel while waiting the paste to be dried.
  5. Once dried, adhere the canvas to the DIY Hoop using FSJ Craft Glue (Must Have!!)
  6. Die cut a small leaf and smaller flower from “Blooming Details Die Sets” and “Bloom Cluster Die” using vellum.  Color the small flower with Rose Gold PanPastel.  Adhere them to the DIY Hoop.
  7. Add 2 flowers from Vintage Burst and one peaches and cream Meadow flower with the Craft Glue.
  8. Then finish it up with a Natural Twine multi-loop bow.
  9. Add Sentiment and/or wallet size photo.

Not bad right?  Let’s try Level 2 ! Actually,  you have done half of the work already!

Intermediate Level 2 – 3 Hoops on Canvas

  1. Layout everything on canvas to get a draft design; take a picture with your cellphone so you can remember where things go.
  2. Spread modeling paste randomly over the canvas with Ring Stacks Stencil; let it dry and go clean the stencil!! You don’t want the paste to dry on your stencil! It is easier to clean when it is still wet!
  3. Mix Rose Gold PanPastel (small portion at a time) with Whip Cream Acrylic paint, add some water to dilute the paint to achieve water-color look.img_7408  img_7409img_7413  img_7414
  4. Start painting over canvas, recommend to practice where it will be covered by the large DIY hoops.
  5. Then add Oatmeal cookies Acrylic Paint (also add water to dilute the paint).
  6. Flick both diluted oatmeal and rose gold paint brush to add droplet over the layout.
  7. I also used Gold Silk for one last touch. Let it all dry, or use heat gun to dry it.img_7415 img_7417
  8. Stamp the Ballerina image from Dance Life Stamp Set with clear pigment ink pad and heat set it with Black Embossing powder.
  9. I stamped a bow from Build-A-Wreath Stamp set on vellum and heat set with white embossing powder, fussy cut it out. I did the same to the flowers, but with white embossing powder over oatmeal cookies cardstock.  I die cuts 4 leaves from Bloom Details Die, 2 colored with the diluted paints.  I heat set 2 of them with copper embossing powder.                                                                   img_7422  img_7418
  10. Then glue all the hoops and embellishment on the layout. It can be any kind of embellishment you have at home.  There is no right or wrong.  The key is color coordination.  You can add less or more depending on your preference.  Once everything is dry, it is ALL DONE!!!!

Fun Stampers Journy, FSJ, Spellbinders, Cardmarking, mixed media, dance life, stamping, embossing powder

Hope you all like it! Thank You for stopping by and keep hopping to the next one: 

Jill Hilliard  – Jill has something stinkin’ cute to share! All I can say is “Get yourself ready for the Holiday with Gnome”! Hurry and check it out! You will totally love her cards and her dogs (well at least I do! lol).

In case you are lost from hopping around, here is the master list for all the blogs: 

Jenny Watson    Marty McGee    Alissa Hall   Kazan Clark

Lezlye Lauterbach    Carrie Rhoades     Jill Hilliard 


Intro Level  – Supply List: DIY Hoops / Meadow flowerJourney Twine Natural  / Canvas Sheet / Modeling Paste / Rose Gold PanPastel / Spatula / Flower Power Stencils / Craft Glue / Blooming Details Die Sets / Bloom Cluster Die / Vellum / Vintage Burst

Intermediate Level  – Additional Supply List: Oatmeal Cooke Acrylic Paint / Whip Crem Acrylic Paint / Dance Life Stamp Set / Clear Pigment Ink Pad / Black Embossing Powder / Cooper Embossing Powder / Detailed Foliage / Build-A-Wreath Stamp Set / Oatmeal Cookie Cardstock / Bloom Palette / Square Paint Brush / Vagabond Chips / Fashion GoldRing Stacks Stencil

Build-A-Wreath Stamp SetDance Life Stamp Setring stacks stencilVagabond ChipsDIY HoopFlower Power StencilVintage Burst

Fall for PanPastels

I can’t tell you how much I am in love with PanPastel. I  use them for most of my projects! It is so easy to apply, and they blend amazingly well.  Plus super easy to clean!! Just Love IT!!

Today I want to show you 3 different ways of blending the PanPastel with clear pigment ink pad.  I pick Raspberry Berry, and yellow and brown colors from the Rich Sorbet Palette.


Option 1:

  1. Stamp leaf images from Hello Fall Stamp Set with clear pigment ink pad on 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ Whip Cream Cardstock .
  2. Randomly blend the yellow over the stamped cardstock.
  3. Clean out the applicator on a piece of paper, then move on with brown.
  4. Then pick up Raspberry Berry and apply all over.
  5. To finish it up, use the brown to blend over any remaining white spot.


Option 2:

  1. Repeat Step 1 in Option 1.
  2. Apply White Embossing powder and heat set it.
  3. Let it cool down, repeat Step 2,3,4,5 in Option 1.


Option 3:

  1. Blend Yellow, Brown and Raspberry Berry all over the whip cream cardstock.
  2. Stamp leaf images with clear pigment ink pad.
  3. Apply Gold Embossing powder to partial of the stamped images.
  4. Then apply Rose Gold Embossing powder to the remaining images.
  5. Heat set it and let it cool down!


Isn’t it easy to get 3 prints done? You can blend them in different orders and there is no restriction at all. Have fun and TRY IT!  I used the prints to create 5 different cards: 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is one quick Card that I would like to share:


The Sparkly Recipe:


  1. 4 1/2″ x 5.5″ Whip Cream Card base, Top Fold, emboss the front with Barn Wall Embossing Folder, lightly apply Cookie Oatmeal Ink pad on the embossed pattern)
  2. A Strip of PanPastel Print (1.5″ x 5.5″, I used the Option 3 print)
  3. Pumpkin Bread Card Stock Strip (2 1/4″ x 5″)
  4. Vellum (die-cut Maple Leaf from Hello Fall Die Cut)
  5. Stamp 3 acorns from Thankful Friends Stamp Set (ink the top of acorn with oatmeal cookie ink, and the rest with Raspberry Berry Ink).  Die cut or fuzzy cut them out.  Use an old brush and dip the clear pigment ink pad, brush the sticky ink on each acorn, sprinkle gold embossing powder over it, and heat set them.
  6. 1 Circle Die Cut (from the 2nd smallest circle die)
  7. 1 Strip of Corrugated paper (1/2″ x 3″)
  8. 1 Hazelnut Blend Card Stock strip (1/2″ x 4″, Stamp “Hello Fall” with clear pigment ink pad and heat set it with Gold Embossing Powder) trim end to create a banner look.
  9. Sprinkle Brozne Silk
  10. Add a few gold sequins  with Journey Glaze and 2 fashion gold drops to finish it up

See it in Action:

Hope you all like it! Thank You and Have a Sparkly Day!

Supplies List (Click Image to Shop):


img_6659img_6656img_6665-1img_6671img_6664 pumpkinBronze SilkJourney Circles DieJourney Glaze